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Throwback Thursday

I love the beauty of  the view, the uniqueness of the reflection in our glass kitchen table and the serenity depicted in this photo of my sweet Balinese babies.
Sukki, Calle, 2008.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Way We Were...

This year has been an especially difficult one for me and my babies; we lost Mommy Cat and Calle within 2 weeks of each other and my home is not the same...Halle, Sukki and I are still deeply grieving and while we have tried to get used to our "new normal" these last 5 months, we are all obviously still dealing daily with the pain of these huge losses in our lives...I have decided to take this opportunity to inform you guys that I will continue our blog until our 10th Blogoversary on January 14, 2020, posting daily as I always have, but after our celebration of sharing a decade of daily posts, I will only post occasionally...My heart is just not in it anymore after so much loss...I thank each and every one of you that have shared our journey and hope you will continue to visit; I have made many friends through this blog and feel very grateful for your kindness over the years...For me, this blog has been a love letter of photos for these sweet souls that I have been lucky enough to cherish as their Mommy.

Calle's death was so unexpected, she passed away from heart failure a week after being diagnosed with a heart murmur, 3 days after a specialist told me she had 6 months-2 years...She was my special sweetheart, my heart kitty and her death truly devastated me and her sisters.

Calle was every kitty's best friend, they all adored her; Halle and Sukki have both lost over 2 lbs. hurting over the loss of their sisters...While Calle was the glue that held them together, Halle and Sukki are slowly starting to get closer.

Mommy Cat was such a beloved member of our family and her passing was extra difficult for me because I made the difficult decision to help her to the Bridge...She shared a special soul mate love with Daddy Cat and they created a tight family bond with their son, Jax, while outdoor cats; her grief over losing her son and later, Daddy Cat, was deep and long lasting...Her loss was very difficult for me and all 3 girls as she had chosen to live with us in the house after about a year of mourning her Daddy Cat.

My sweet, sweet boy, Daddy Cat loved his family with a fierce and deep commitment as their protector during their lives as feral cats...He mourned his son with Mommy Cat for many months and I feel it made their bond even stronger; his death years later changed Mommy Cat forever...He was a gentle, loving boy with those he loved, including me and the indoor girls.

This truly comforts me as I have never witnessed a love as pure and deep as these two shared for 16 years together...They were truly devoted soul mates.

Jax was a total sweetheart; I am so grateful I was able to witness the loving family dynamic between Jax and his parents (he had Daddy Cat's coloring and Mommy Cat's body type=a perfect combination of those two!)...His death at such a young age was a tremendous loss to his devoted parents and to me; he was so deeply loved and cherished by us all.

My first real baby and such a deep love, Nikki is the reason I have adored, cherished, loved and treasured every single kitty that has entered my life since falling in love with her...I have always been an animal lover and had beloved animals all my life, but she truly awakened a profound love and gratefulness in my soul because while she was my first baby as an adult, she became the first animal that made me a real  "Mommy".

Tom was a neighborhood cat that befriended Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat about 2 years after Jax's death; I got him fixed and yearly shots, but he was in great shape and well fed when I met him, so I knew he belonged to someone in our old neighborhood...He was loved.

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Sleepy Sisters

Calle and Sukki were very close; Sukki adored her big sister and often followed her around the house...a sweet memory of my Balinese girls.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Partners In Crime?

Calle was getting busy with a favorite "hobby" while her sister was the "lookout"...

but Halle can't resist watching her sister kill the EVIL chair. 

I think it's dead...AGAIN!!  MOL

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Resting Halle

Resting on 2 dining room chairs, just like her sister, Calle, used to do...

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ready For Shipment??

Silly girl...MOL!
Have a fun weekend!!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Girls, Girls, Girls

We really enjoyed our time with Mommy Cat in the house with us and we miss her.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Throwback Thursday

My "Buddha kitty", my sweet, gentle, wise soul...I miss her everyday.
 She was my LOVE.

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Tummy Tuesday

After 8 years together, my Angel Mommy Cat trusted me and she was always such a joyful girl!
Our back patio, 2008.

That shadow of me taking the picture though...LOL

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My Silly Sleepyhead

I think she thinks she's hiding!!  MOL

Saturday, August 10, 2019

My Chair Killer...

I have so many photos like this=my silly Calle was always willing to help her Mommy keep those EVIL chairs in line!!  MOL

Friday, August 9, 2019

My Ice Hockey Player...

Have a fun weekend like Halle!