Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy 2023!!

          "I was the purr-fect lady last night ~ after all, I had to keep watch over that
rambunctious kid bro-fur of mine, who had never celebrated New Year's Eve
and had no idea how to behave ... I mean, just look at that boy!"

      "Nip, Bubbly, oh, what fun it was!  I think I liked this New Year's Eve
   thing. Meow!  Indeed.  I liked it very very much.  Only my big
       sis-fur was a wee bit of a party-pooper! More nip, purr-please."

Rio grew so much and got really dark in a few short months; he doesn't even look like the same kitty!...He is such a silly, sweet boy who loves to play and enjoys his nip wine bottles a lot!!...He adores Sukki and she feels the same about him!...We are all so blessed to have each other! 

Wishing everyone a very healthy and happy 2023 filled with love!