Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year's Eve!!

Have a safe celebration!

Monday, December 30, 2019

Angel Mommy Cat Monday

When this sweet girl decided to move into the house with us, she adapted immediately and enjoyed her new life with me and the girls=watching TV, loving the fireplace, sleeping in bed with all of us...she is missed.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Resting Angel Calle

I wanted to spend the last Sunday of the year with my sweet Angel Calle...how I miss this precious baby, it's still hard for me to imagine starting a New Year without her.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

My 3 Girls...

The way they were...always together.
L to R: Calle, Sukki, Halle

Friday, December 27, 2019

Sharing Sisters

Especially during the holidays, my girls always enjoyed sharing leftovers!
Top, L to R: Halle, Calle, Sukki

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Top to bottom: Halle, Sukki, Calle
Summer, 2010

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas!

The girls are very happy today with the nip presents and toy rats they found under the tree!...MOL
Wishing everyone a blessed and wonderful Christmas Day!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas Eve!

My babies have been good girls and can't wait to see what Santa leaves under the tree for them!
We hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Eve with loved ones.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sleepy Little Halle

No doubt Halle has visions of Santa, his elves and reindeer dancing in her head!

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Holiday Prayers...

Prayers for a safe and joyful holiday season.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Hammock Time

Happy Friday.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat enjoying the cat trees in their new garage apartment as much as they did in our old garage.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tummy Tuesday

Precious Calle was the best at "rub my tummy" poses=my girl absolutely loved tummy rubs.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Angel Mancat Monday

Daddy Cat really loved his scratching post and used it all the time; I still have it, covered with his furs.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Saturday, December 14, 2019

1 Bag, 2 Kitties

My playful Sukki was constantly the first kitty to claim a bag, while my darling Calle always waited patiently for her turn.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Lucky Friday The 13th!

What could be luckier than a black cat on Friday the 13th?

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Throwback Thursday

We were just moving into our new house.
My silly girls...L to R: Sukki, Halle, Calle
October 2010

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Monday, December 9, 2019

Sunday, December 8, 2019

My Resting, Warm Baby

This girl...I miss her so much.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Loving Sisters

Calle resting while Sukki loves on Mommy Cat.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Enjoying The Fire

My precious Calle was always the first kitty in front of the fire, she truly loved it and would eventually be joined by her sisters...We hope you guys stay warm this weekend!
Happy Friday.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Throwback Thursday

I love these action shots of my babies in their prime; they still lived outside but spent every night in our garage, where they always enjoyed the cat trees.