Thursday, December 6, 2018

Throwback Thursday

Where's Calle??
In our new bedroom!
October 2010

This makes me laugh because kitties always think they hide so well!!

*When we first moved into the new house, I had separate curtains hanging in each window in the bedroom; now, I have one big curtain across all the windows.*


Summer at said...

What a nice wide ledge! Perfect for kitties!

Mickey's Musings said...

Oh yes, that is the purrfect place to hide!
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

Nina said...

I don’t see Calle. LOL. I love all the tall windows. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Island Cats said...

It is a good hiding spot. :)

Tori Khosrovi said...

I spy a cute fluffy cat in the window - too darling!

Dash Kitten said...

This must be a ghost cat!

Carson Lee said...

So cute. I had a cat named Scott years ago who would burrow his way under a small rug, making a LARGE rug-bump in the middle, with nose and whiskers peeking out one side, and tail emerging from the other side. (Yes. You are well-hidden....)