The Story of Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat and Jax

Daddy Cat was born in my garage on May 2, 2000, when a stray in my neighborhood decided to adopt me; I called them Orange Cat/Mom and White Cat/Daddy...I had Orange Cat fixed and mother and son ran around together until Orange Cat disappeared on Halloween 2000; the very next morning, a kitten about 8 weeks old was sleeping in some Tupperware in my garage and she and White Cat became fast friends...On May 13, 2001/Mother's Day!, that little girl gave birth to a litter in my garage and I kept 1 of their kittens, a beautiful sweet boy named Jax=which is how Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat got their names at the vet when I took them to get fixed!...They made a fabulous family; Jax was a smaller version of Daddy Cat and they were best friends who went everywhere together, I was blessed to witness such devotion in their family unit...Jax was the sweetest boy I have ever known...He loved me and trusted me so much, he came home when he was bitten by a snake in August 2005 and cried for me with all his might; I rushed him to the vet and he went into a coma in my arms there...He received a blood transfusion from Daddy Cat (you have to provide the blood-who knew??...I was about 3 miles from the vet so I rushed home and grabbed Daddy Cat, thank goodness he was there, waiting on me to feed him)...Anyway, I had to leave Jax for 5 days, picking him up from the regular vet every evening at 5pm to drop him off at the Emergency Clinic until 7 am the next morning and starting over at the regular vet again so he could have around the clock treatment...I moved Jax into my home for about 6 weeks after he came home to recuperate; Calle and Halle thought he was their boyfriend...He was such a wonderful kitty to everyone (he was very good to my first Siamese, Nikki too; she was a senior kitty and he always approached her with love and kitty kisses!!)...Anyway, sadly, Jax disappeared from my front porch on July 9, 2007; I put out hundreds of fliers and visited the pound every other day for about 2 months, walked the neighborhood for those 2 months, but never found him...It will always haunt me not knowing what happened to him and not having his body to show Mommy and Daddy so they would understand; they both grieved for Jax by not hardly leaving the front yard for months, waiting for him to come home...My Nikki's death was the biggest heartbreak of my life, she was my baby for 20 years (1984-2004), but I consider Jax's disappearance the biggest kitty tragedy of my life, I will always regret losing him too soon...He was a special, fun boy with so much love to give; his picture is on my sidebar, along with my Nikki...I am so thankful for all the kitties that have brought so much love into my life.

Daddy Cat and Jax

Jax, May 13, 2001-July 9, 2007

Jax came into my life and left paw prints on my heart...

RIP sweet Jax

Today, Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat are no longer outdoor kitties; when I moved into a new home in October 2010, I brought them with me to a new neighborhood with constant new construction...Outside the gates of our neighborhood is a busy 4 lane road close to an interstate and the back of our home connects to a large wooded area; due to concerns for their safety and their advancing age, I decided to add central air and heat to my 2 car garage and make it into a garage apartment for my babies...Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat come into the house occasionally and are constantly welcoming Calle, Halle and Sukki as visitors, but prefer their own place, where they live happily together as sweethearts! 

My precious Daddy Cat battled kidney disease the last few months of his life and was receiving sub q fluids everyday until he passed away in his garage apartment with me and his Mommy Cat by his side...he is loved and remembered every single day.

May 2, 2000-June 12, 2016